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Iron and Sulfur Treatment (Clearion 300HD-AP)

With the advent of constant pressure (variable speed) pumping systems, Clearion Water Technologies went back to the drawing board to engineer a 300 Series System that will effectively treat iron, manganese and sulfur gas when a constant pressure well system is utilized—the 300HD-AP Series.

The 300HD-AP Series will work equally well for jet pump type systems, where typical air injection systems won't. Incorporating a quiet, high output, oil less air compressor, the 300HD-AP Series provides the aeration power for chemical free treatment of problem well water. For those really tough jobs the 300HD-AP Series is designed to add the Oxyclean™ Option for chlorinating the entire system every backwash cycle. The 300 Series Control Valve provides high backwash flow capabilities and utilizes an integral contact flow meter that is field programmable for precise compressor control. The 300HD-AP Series System provides new technology treatment for new technology constant pressure pumping systems!


  • Exclusive Clearion 300 Series control valve
  • Easy electronic programming
  • 9 volt battery back-up
  • Slide cover (no tool access)
  • Rain-tight cover seals out insects and weather
  • 3/4" FNPT stainless steel bypass valve; 1" option
  • High backwash capacity
  • Vortech Distributor
  • AP Tank for extreme conditions
  • No chemical regenerants required
  • Designed for use with constant pressure or jet-type pumping systems
  • Quiet, high output, oilless air compressor for maximum aeration
  • Filtration available with: Multi Blend