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Our Products : Commercial Equipment

Davis Water Treatment provides custom water treatment systems for commercial applications. From small offices, to full scale manufacturing plants, Davis Water Treatment works alongside contractors to design and install the most efficient water treatment system for your application.

Commercial-Industrial Systems

Commercial InstallationWe offer a full line of commercial / industrial water treatment equipment including, but not limited to, water softeners, filters, reverse osmosis, and chemical feed systems. All systems are custom designed for each application. We can size the correct system for your job. The systems are then built to order. We offer engineered drawings, specifications, and submittal packets as required for each job. These systems are built using high quality national brand components, and are backed by factory warranties. These systems are comparable to the national brands and are often available at a more economical cost.

We can offer you reverse osmosis systems, media filtration systems, deionization systems, dealkalizer systems, and water softener systems. Please click on the link to browse their web site for valuable information on these types of systems including specific unit data and specifications.

Please contact us by phone or e-mail with your questions.

Mechanical Contractors

mechanical contractorsWe offer national brands of water treatment equipment at competitive wholesale prices to mechanical contractors. If you are bidding a job that calls for water treatment equipment, we can provide a competitive quote in a prompt manner. We have partnered with a company to build equipment to our specifications. To these systems we add engineered drawings, specifications, and submittals, often providing a complete system at a lower cost to you. We can also often work with the engineer to get an alternate system approved which helps keep your bid down. We offer startup and education on all new systems, as well as service on most brands of commercial water treatment equipment.


engineersTo our engineering partners, we offer a variety of services. We apply specialized experience in designing a system that will meet the performance and cost criteria of today's energy-conscious markets. Our experience in system design provides the capability to respond to the requirements of any application with all types of water treatment equipment. We can help select the right equipment for your job, including everything from size and configuration to manufacturer. We can even provide comprehensive specifications to send the project out for bid.

Whether you have a water treatment question, or need assistance designing an entire system, we would be happy to assist you. You are welcome to visit the web site of one of our manufacturers by clicking on the link. There you will find descriptions of reverse osmosis systems, media filtration systems, deionization systems, dealkalizer systems, and water softener systems. There is also design information with specific system data as well as specifications. When finished browsing, contact us for pricing and to answer any other questions.

Public Water Systems

public water systemsWe have years of experience working with the Ohio EPA on the behalf of public water systems. We can design a system to comply with EPA regulations, draw plans for submission, and follow the plans through the plan approval process. We have Ohio EPA licensed public water system operators who routinely perform all necessary monitoring and reporting to help public water systems stay in compliance with the current EPA requirements. We would be happy to help system owners with anything from helping to resolve a violation, or preparing a report, to taking care of the entire system. Let us know how we can be of assistance to you.

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Commercial Applications

  • Small Community, Multi-unit Residential, Business Complexes
  • Medical – Hospitals, Clinics, Extended Care/Assisted-living, Doctor's Offices
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Motels, Campgrounds, Restaurants
  • Education – Colleges/Universities, K-12, Vocational
  • Manufacturing – Process, Make-up, Primary/Secondary, HVAC
  • Food and Beverage – Manufacturing, Packaging, Storage
  • Large-scale Irrigation

Commercial Equipment Specifications

  • Standard Catalogued Systems to 400 GPM
  • Proprietary Aeration, Softeners, Filters, Reverse Osmosis, Nitrate or Sulfate Systems, Tannins, Dealkalizers and Ultraviolet Systems
  • NSF, EPA and FDA approved components
  • ASME Pressure Vessels Available
  • EPA Compliant Systems – Design, Submittals
  • Custom Controls, Monitoring, Reporting
  • Aeration in Constant Pressure Environment