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360 Series Single Tank Aeration Filter

Clearion Water Technologies, as a primary manufacturer of the most innovative systems and control valves in the Industry, introduces the 360 Series Single Tank Aeration Filter (360 Series). Utilizing the unique piston motion control system found in the 300 Series control valve, this feature allows the processor to speed up or slow down in forward & reverse depending on the task needed for the filter process at hand. The innovative 360 Series control is also equipped with the advanced TWEDO™ (TWIN ELECTRONIC DRIVE OPERATION) function (patents pending) for advanced multiple function processes needed for efficient & exceptional filtration without the use of air compressors.

Add to these features the industry's first, ready to use Oxyclean for cleaning & disinfecting the 360 Series system every backwash cycle without the use of a feed pump & a full seven (7) year limited manufacturer's warranty on the 360 Series controls. Using our unique Advanced Clearion Controls feature of forward and reverse motor capability, the control valve can replenish its oxy chamber each night without having to backwash the filter—something no other system of its kind can accomplish. This will save HUNDREDS of gallons of water per week and truly makes the 360 Series Filter the most efficient & effective single tank aeration system in the Industry today!


  • High performance, low water use oxidation filter designed for Iron and Sulfur removal
  • External air injection nozzle for easy service and maximum air draw
  • Weather and insect resistant easy access slide cover (no tools required)
  • TWEDO driven internal nozzle for chorline or peroxide injection during backwash - NO FEED PUMP REQUIRED
  • Prevents oxidation build up with in the control valve
  • Exclusive 9 cycle control head with 12V DC operation
  • All new heavy duty piston drive assembly
  • 9 volt battery back-up
  • Exclusive 7-year warranty
  • Patents Pending