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Whole House (300 Series)

Whole house backwashing filters are ideal for distributing treated water throughout the entire house. The filter is usually plumbed before the water softener and treats the water without the use of chemicals. Proper application would be recommended for high chlorine content, low iron contamination, low sulfur contamination. A carbon filter is commonly used to refresh water by removing chlorine, taste and odors.


  • Exclusive Clearion 300 Series Control Valve
  • Easy electronic programming
  • 9 volt battery back-up
  • Slide cover (no tool access)
  • Rain-tight cover seals out insects and weather
  • 3/4" FNPT stainless steel bypass valve; 1" option
  • High backwash capacity
  • Vortech Distributor
  • Optional dome closure fittings
  • Simply select and add the desired filter media
  • No chemical regenerants required
  • Filtration available with: Birm, Activated Carbon, Filter Ag, Filter Ag Plus, Neutralizer, Neu-Cor, Corosex, D-Gravel, Catalytic Carbn, Coconut Shell Carbon