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City Softener (300 Series)

The City Softener is perfect for filtering and conditioning in ONE system. This system is ideal for municipal water supplies. The City Water Softener solves hardness problems and removes chlorine taste and odor at the same time.


  • Exclusive Clearion 300 Series control valve
  • Easy electronic programming
  • 9 volt battery back-up
  • Slide cover (no tool access)
  • Rain tight cover seals out insects and weather
  • Ideal for use with municipal water supplies
  • Softens water and removes objectionable chlorine taste and odor
  • 3/4" FNPT stainless steel bypass valve; 1" option
  • Premium cation exchange resin
  • Mid-Vortech
  • Deluxe brine tank with safety float assembly, overflow fitting and salt grid platform